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Small Wet Room Ideas That Will Transform Your Whole Bathroom

Small wet room ideas are a great way to make the most of your space.

Small wet room ideas are a great addition to any home, making a bathroom or shower room instantly safer and much more convenient to use and clean.

In particular, wet rooms are great for smaller spaces.

If you don’t have a wet room, you have to instead use partitions and barriers to stop water from splashing and spilling over the floor, which means using up more of that precious space.

But how do you make sure that a wet room is best designed for the space that it is?


Every smaller room is going to have an issue with lighting.

As the spaces tend to be closed in, there is less room for the light to bounce around in and often the windows are smaller.

Maximise the light in your room, starting with the natural light.

Beyond choosing window treatments that let more light in, like blinds, you should also be willing to let the sun shine directly through the glass.

Of course, you can maintain your privacy using frosted glass designs.

Be open to task lighting over the sink and the shower, as well, so you don’t have to struggle for visibility.


When it comes to tiling a smaller room, then creating a sensation of space has to be the first aim.

Beyond reflecting light throughout the room more, light colours promote that sensation, opening the room up where darker colours tend to box it in and make it feel smaller still.

You don’t have to go white, any lighter shade or even a mix that is made of slightly more light colours than darker ones can work.

But there are white tiles specifically designed to better reflect light worth considering, too.

Choose tiles with much less visible and fewer crevices as well.

In a more confined space, small wet room ideas mean you don’t want to spend too much time all squeezed into corners cleaning out those tiles.


You don’t have the most room to manoeuvre in some smaller rooms and depending on where you put your toilet, sink, shower, and bath, you might not even have much room to bend over.

For that reason, think about keeping all the areas you need as accessible as possible.

The best way to do that is to make sure they’re within arm’s length.

You can wall-mount storage baskets instead of having to bend under the sink or down to the floor to get them, for instance.

You can install wall-hooks so that towels, showers caps, and whatever else you hang off them are within reach right away.


For smaller rooms, it’s almost always a better idea to opt for shower room ideas rather than bathroom designs when you have the option.

In particular, you want a walk-in shower with sliding doors so that opening and accessing it is much simpler and that when you open the door, you’re not pulling it out to inhabit more space and potentially make the logistics of it much more awkward.

Choosing a statement shower piece can help you conserve even more room and accomplish a more elegant design.

For instance, think about installing a concealed shower within the wall itself so only the head, supporting rail, and thermostatic controls are visible.

Depending on the dimensions of the room, you might only have enough space to fit a shower door/screen from wall-to-wall.

If you have a little more, then opt for a corner design that keeps at least a little room beside the shower open to other uses.

Even if it’s a small space, it could be used for extra storage.


Even if the bathroom is only meant for one person, if it’s designed poorly, it can lead to traffic jams and awkward attempts to manoeuvre around the different spaces.

To avoid this, try not to incorporate too much symmetrical design where possible.

For instance, you don’t want a shower opposite a sink.

If you have the horizontal space, create a through line so you’re not surrounded and clustered in by the different spaces of the bathroom.

You can go for more narrow options too, like a trough sink or a mirror cabinet that’s set into a wall instead of jutting out and taking more space.


Beyond being much more practical, good, small wet room ideas and designs for smaller spaces means that it’s much cosier, more comfortable, brighter and fresher.

If you want any more ideas to help you make the best use of the space you have in any part of the home, feel free to look through the All Division Building blog where we offer expert advice on all kinds of home subjects.

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