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10 Fabulous Small Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Home

Has your small bathroom finally got on your nerves and sent you scurrying for a change? While being cramped is bad enough, an uninspiring bathroom can further add to the poky feeling. So how does one go about setting this right; especially when increasing the floor space is not an option?

Enter small bathroom design ideas. These designs and ideas are innovative and yet won’t quite break the bank when you implement them. But even if they do, they are pretty much worth the moolah.

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas


1. Mirrors

Using mirrors is a great way to make your small bathroom look like a larger one. It is a trick popular with interior designers and works by reflecting light, which creates the impression of a much larger bathroom. You can go for simpler options like large wall-hanging mirrors or the fancy, and more expensive, mirrored tiles.


2. Wallpapers

Wallpapers are an excellent way to tide over the limitations of any space. And with smart use, they can make quite a difference to your bathroom’s appearance. For instance, striped wallpapers make space look taller while those with bold and unique prints add a healthy dose of character to any room.


3. Multifunction freestanding furniture

A small bathroom layout should not deter you from experimenting. Invest in small and functional freestanding furniture that can be moved effortlessly. You can rearrange it whenever you want and give your bathroom a fresh appearance in a matter of minutes. And since it is freestanding, you can also take it with you when moving out.


4. Wall hanging units & hooks

When floor space is at a premium, reclaiming space vertically is a sensible thing to do. Brushes, towels, hair dryers, curling irons, or even your jewellery can all be hung off the wall, thus saving you a lot of floor space. This is why wall-hanging units or hooks are a great way to maximise your bathroom space. What also helps is that they are dirt cheap.


5. Shelves

An extension of the previous point, shelves are perfect for items that are too heavy or protruding for small hooks or hanging rails. Cosmetic supplies, reading material, bathroom cleaning supplies, spare towels, laundry supplies etc. can all be stored perfectly atop shelves. You can further shore up the look by using shelves made of wood laminates, marble, or even toughened glass.


6. Accessories

The accessories you pick can make a huge difference to the overall look of your bathroom. Vintage frames of your favorite pictures or posters, wall mounted taps and faucets, wicker or wire mesh baskets under the sink; each is a great way of maximising bathroom space in a stylish manner.


7. Light colours & shades

A light colour/shade like white or beige can open up a small space like nothing else. These colours reflect light and make your small bathroom appear visually larger. And if an all-white ensemble is a tad too stark for your tastes, a streak of colour definitely helps. Bathroom designs for small spaces that feature a mix of white and other similar colours with blue or red shades really standout from the crowd.


8. Using corner space

No corner should be spared in the quest to make the most of your small bathroom. Opt for cabinets and shelves specially made for corners or even install a corner sink or glass shower enclosure. Corner designs are quite frugal when it comes to consuming space and lend a unique character to your bathroom.


9. Furnishing to scale

Outsized furniture is no friend of small spaces, let alone a small bathroom. So buy furniture that complements the size of your bathroom. A proportionate vanity unit or storage racks that can either be hung off the wall or rested on the edge of your bath are a lot more preferable to large and ungainly furniture.


10. Keeping it simple

If you are confused by the surfeit of small bathroom design ideas, just keep it simple and go with natural and soft shades. And as for accessories and furniture, choose ones that sport clean lines and bring a degree of tidiness to your bathroom.

A small bathroom presents challenges on multiple levels. But smart use of space can let you squeeze in all your preferred features comfortably. When square footage is a problem, consider the corners or reclaim aerial space by using the bathroom’s walls. Do not let the limited space detract you from creating a bathroom of your dreams.

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