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Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas For A Complete Refresh

If you are feeling limited with choices when it comes to small bathroom decorating ideas then fear not.

If you have some small bathroom decorating ideas but you think your options for a renovation or a redecoration are also small, think again!

Indeed, you might not be able to fit a bath that can take four people any time soon.

If you know how to work with the space available to you, you can still make a relaxing, luxuriant, and fresh feeling room where you can enjoy some, quiet, and alone time.

Here are a few of the elements you can use to best make use of what space you have.


One of the major issues of smaller bathrooms is that they often come with smaller windows, as well.

This means less natural light gets in and the room can feel dark and dingy, with dark corners making it look dirtier even when it’s just been thoroughly cleaned.

Maximising the light available in the bathroom is essential to making it a place you can relax.

Start with natural light, using thin treatments like blinds or fold-able shutters instead of heavy curtains.

But the choice of light fixtures matters as well.

Beyond the main light, accent and task lighting options like recessed light bulbs above the sink, above the shower, and around the mirror can make sure you’re never squinting to try to see better.


The tiling of your bathroom changes not only the whole look of the room, but it also changes how convenient it is to use.

For instance, back to the question of lighting, it’s best to use clean, simple tiles of a bright colour.

Bright colours reflect light much better than darker shades, meaning that the room makes better use of what natural light is allowed inside.

If you want to use tiles to make the room look a little bigger, diagonally oriented tiles can help create that illusion.

Tiles that have a larger individual size can help do that too.

They also make the room much easier to clean and manage, because there are fewer crevices to have to clean out, which can be a real chore when you have to work with tight corners.


You need a place for all your bathroom essentials, such as medicines, washing materials, first aid kits, so on, and so forth.

A mirror cabinet is an easy fix, a quick installation to do two jobs at once.

But often you want a little more space than that so it’s a good idea to start thinking vertically.

Installing wall hooks can make for an easy place to hang clothes, towels and shower caps without them getting in the way.

But aligning baskets and other storage elements along the bottom of walls can allow for a lot more practical space without getting in your way.

To allow for that, choose a radiator that climbs the wall vertically instead of stretching across it horizontally and install a raised sink with empty space beneath it that a wicker drawer, for instance, could easily fit into.


One consistent issue for small bathrooms is dealing with the mess and splashing that can be caused in that confined space.

Water has little room to travel so if you spill, it can mean a lot of cleaning up to ensure water doesn’t leak out or stay where it is, making the floor slippery and dangerous.

Having small wet room ideas can be an excellent tool to combat this, sealing and waterproofing the bathroom with the right absorbent materials and sloping floors that keep redirecting any spilt water towards the drain.

Otherwise, the bathroom might have to be full of boundaries and partitions that end up taking up even more space.


If you’re ready to start implementing your small bathroom decorating ideas from scratch, it’s best to think about what you want in there.

Doing with a shower instead of installing a bath might be one of the wisest choices, and there are plenty of showers that help you conserve even more space.

For instance, think about choosing showers that have sliding doors instead of doors you have to pull to open.

Make use of the corners and recesses of the rooms, using quadrant or corner units that fit snugly around them.

It also gives you the opportunity to fit a D-shape enclosure that wraps around you with a smooth, elegant curved profile.

This stops you from having to go from wall-to-wall with your shower unit and taking up more space than necessary. A great way of making use of reduced space for small bathroom decorating ideas.


Knowing how to use what’s available to you and how to work around the constraints of any room is crucial in interior design.

Especially in the bathroom.

Keep an eye out for more ideas from All Division Building’s blog and you’ll get tips on how to make the best of any part of the home.

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