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How To Plan A Kitchen – Tips On Planning A Kitchen Installation

As a homeowner, kitchen installation is one of the best ways to revitalise your space. Kitchen installation enables you to transform your kitchen into a useful, beautiful, modern and perfect cooking space. If you love to dine in the kitchen, you can create an ideal dining area in your kitchen. The process of fitting your kitchen is simple if you have the right kitchen installation guide and you understand the costs involved. The cost of kitchen installation can be cheap or relatively expensive based on whether you need a simple installation or a high-end bespoke improvement.

Kitchen Installation Costs

A closer look at kitchen installation costs

Before you start a kitchen installation project, it is vital that you understand exactly what the price covers. Generally, the cost of a new kitchen fitting will include the total costs of cabinets, cupboards and the cost of actual installation in your home. This is commonly known as a dry fit.

During kitchen installation, plumbing and rewiring are also needed to help you accommodate the new installation. It comes at an extra cost. Furthermore, you need to have a clear idea of the total cost of different home appliances including

  • Ovens
  • Extractor fans
  • Fridges and dishwashers/worktops
  • Apart from kitchen base units, your kitchen will need the best tiling, flooring and painting

Therefore, take time to create a custom kitchen installation checklist. It will help you set aside a reasonable budget for your installation. Your list can include:

  • Kitchen preparation works including fitting of tiles, cooker hood ducting and removal of old cabinets if you are improving your kitchen.
  • Kitchen electrical works such as kitchen appliance connections, underfloor heating pads
  • Plumbing (connection of sinks, dishwasher, washing machines and taps) and gas work (connection of gas hob, and gas cooker)
  • Carpentry works including fitting of different kitchen cabinets, solid wood worktops, and wooden flooring if you prefer a wooden floor.

Kitchen unit costs

The prize of kitchen units varies significantly based on kitchen unit sizes, the quality of materials used on the units and the type of finish you wish to have. Therefore, you need to clearly define your needs based on the size of your kitchen. For a small galley kitchen, you will not spend a lot on your installation. For a large kitchen, it can be relatively expensive to purchase appliances and worktop essentials that would fit well.

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The other thing that you need to consider when installing your kitchen is the price of the kitchens. There are many dealers in the market today. You need to ask yourself whether it is ideal to purchase kitchen installations through a recommended installer, your personal installer or through a supplier. Compare the costs of using these options and inquire whether you can get a trade discount.

If you are having an old kitchen fitted, you can significantly reduce the cost of the kitchen drawer unit. This is an essential factor for your kitchen installation. You can refurbish the drawers or simply get new units for your kitchen depending on your budget.

A professional who understands how to fit kitchen base units will assess your kitchen and recommend the best approach to take during installation.

high quality kitchen installation includes

A quality kitchen installation include:

  • A thorough home survey to get an exact idea of the kind of end result you want in your space.
  • The use of a smart design that employs the latest technologies, trends and design possibilities
  • A custom kitchen that defines your personality
  • Professional installation for a kitchen that will add instant value to your home
  • You will also need a kitchen installation kit. Based on the size of your kitchen, there are different installation kits to settle for. This includes a basic installation kit, deluxe kit and ultra-premium installation kit. A handy kit will contain all essential installation tools including a sanding pad, silicone finishing tool, silicone and nylon protective gloves among other essential.

The cost of home / kitchen appliances

The cost of kitchen appliances is something you cannot ignore when planning for a kitchen installation. This narrows down to the size of your kitchen. You can find appliances that cost under £140 if you are working on a small budget. If you need high-end appliances, you can compare prices from different dealers in the market. Take into consideration the size and quality of appliances that you want to fit in your kitchen.

Kitchen installation guide for a perfect kitchen

Plan your space

Before you embark on the installation process, plan your space. Have a clear layout and get creative to achieve your dream kitchen. Some of the best kitchen styles to consider include:

  • U-shape kitchen with lots of space and is ideal for larger kitchens
  • L shape kitchen that offers enough space for you to move freely and is ideal for a kitchen that has an open plan space
  • L shape island kitchen has extra space for larger kitchens with larger wall units, and it is good for socialising and family get together.
  • A straight line is a simple layout that works best for narrow kitchen spaces

Kitchen Cabinet Options

Cabinet options

It is equally important that you take into consideration your cabinet options, worktops and handles. This will help you settle for a creative idea and layout option that will ensure enough space for cooking and movements. Determine whether you will need tall kitchen cupboard or a simple corner cabinet installation to choose the best appliances accurately. It is also important to consider:

  • The position of the sink unit, hobs and worktop
  • The amount of plumbing required
  • The extraction units to be installed on the outside wall of your kitchen
  • Existing plan and services that can affect your new kitchen. This includes switches, sockets and cooker
  • Determine whether your kitchen will be practically used for cooking or is it user-friendly where it offers space for you to catch up with family and friends as you cook

Measure your kitchen space

To accurately and efficiently fit your kitchen, you need the right measurements. Measure the length and height of your kitchen walls, doorways, windows, plumbing and electrical points and permanent fixtures among others.

A point to note as you plan kitchen installation is that, kitchen appliances can be quite expensive. This is where you need to research and compare the cost of different appliances. For example, you may need a large fridge or cooker for your weekend get together with friends and family. In this case, compare the best dealers and get the best deal that will help you to work within your kitchen installation budget.

Keep in mind your kitchen flooring

The floor is one of the areas that are often forgotten when fitting kitchen units and kitchen installation. It can spiral the cost of kitchen fitting. With an array of flooring options in the market, focus on what is good for you. Vinyl and laminate flooring options are some of the most affordable units and they emulate tiles and wood floors. The rule of thumb here is for you to shop around and get the best flooring option that will complete the aesthetic appeal in your home.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories such as knobs and cabinet are also important during kitchen installation. While they are small items, they can be costly depending on the quality, design and kitchen unit sizes.

How long does a kitchen installation take?

Kitchen installation can take a longer or shorter period depending on the size of the project. The installation of a few units takes about 4 to 5 days. This includes the entire kitchen installation process of shopping, getting rid of the old kitchen, plumbing or re-plumbing, tiling, plastering and installation of kitchen units.
For larger kitchens, it can take more than 10 days. The more the number of days an installation project takes, the higher the costs. Even so, you can manage your costs by comparing and researching well on different kitchen units before you make a purchase.

For pricing, it is also essential to take into consideration your installer. For a simple kitchen installation project, you can do it on your own. However, larger projects need the skills of a professional installer. The cost of an installer varies and you should get the best recommendations before you hire one. Take time to find an installer that will deliver an excellent kitchen installation project.

How to keep you kitchen fitting cost down

To ensure you get the best value for your money when undertaking a kitchen installation project, you need to:

  • Shop around and compare prices
  • Take advantage of sales deals
  • Hire tradespeople who are competent, reliable and are able to work efficiently
  • Get installation quotes from 2 to 4 installers and get the most affordable depending on your budget
  • Ensure that you get what you want. For an existing kitchen, you can ensure units that are still functional remain intact. For a new kitchen, get the best deals and cut down on the costs of your kitchen installation units.

With these tips, you can add a professional touch to your kitchen by hiring the best professional installer.

A professional kitchen installer understands:

  • Where and how to embark on the project
  • How to assemble different units
  • How to install worktops and
  • How to professionally finish off the installation project

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