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Fall Home Tips | Get Your Home Ready for Autumn

The weather changes and each season fades away as a new one rushes forth. Now that summer is fading, it will not be long before autumn kicks in with all its smells, sounds, and gentle colors.  Autumn is the season that brings the great feeling of leaves crunching everywhere, but it is also a significant time to feel cozy. You should prepare your home for a blissful experience when the cold season begins. Here are some of fall home tips that will keep you going through the cold season.

Clean the Downspouts and Eavestroughs

Water can damage your home. Moreover, when leaves start falling, they’ll undoubtedly fill your downspouts and eavestroughs blocking water from flowing steadily on your roof. Although it is time-consuming, cleaning the leaves frequently until all trees in your home are leaf-free is a fantastic idea that helps in stopping water from dripping in your house. Downspouts and full gutters attract critters who will nest in them before trying to get into your attic causing damage to your home. Furthermore, if you are not comfortable cleaning the downspouts and eavestroughs yourself, call us for drain unblocking in Kent. There are many products that can be installed on your downspouts and eavestroughs to keep critter and leaves out while still allowing water to run downhill.

Proper downspout and eavestroughs care allow your gutters and eaves to last longer. Besides, a clogged downspout is expensive, and if downspouts get clogged, they can back up your entire system and cause serious water damage to your house. Also, if your downspouts and eavestroughs are not properly cleaned, gunk can build up providing a home for termites or mosquitoes in autumn. Also, ensure that your eavestroughs are properly pitched, or sloped, letting water to run to the downspout. If it is not sloped properly, water can pool causing leaks. Check for damage signs such as sags, holes, or rusts regularly, and in case you notice any problem to your eavestroughs and downspouts, fix it as soon as possible because leaking and clogged downspouts can cause real issues, such as flooding your basement and damaging your siding.

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Check your Chimney

Ensure you check your chimney before autumn. Creosote, a carbon found in chimney, is created through burning wood and can lead to a fire in your chimney if it is not cleaned properly before autumn. It is advisable that you check the CO detectors to ensure that the batteries are functioning. Fireplaces and gas stoves can leak hazardous gas which can only be detected by an effective CO detector.

Moreover, trash, tree foliage, birds’ nests and other debris can clog your house’s chimney making it harmful to use. Crumbling and soot bricks are also dangerous; and if the chimney’s flue isn’t kept clean, your house is at risk every time you light the fireplace. The age your home and its structure also play a significant role in the overall condition of your chimney. Look at the chimney yourself or hire one of the reputable maintenance companies in Kent.

There are several ways of ensuring your chimney is working properly during autumn. First, check the chimney flashing, crown and cap. If you are comfortable get on your roof carefully and ensure the cap is in an excellent condition to prevent debris and water from getting in the chimney. Check the crown for decomposition and cracks and if the flashing at the base of the chimney has signs of cracking and warping. Compromises in any of three components allow water to drip inside the chimney leading to damage. If you feel that you are not skilled enough to do the maintenance checks, it is best that you contact a professional.

Caulk your Doors and Windows

Caulking doors and windows prevent your conditioned air in your home from escaping and prevent cold air from getting into your house. To add more caulking spots, it is advisable that you do a perimeter check. Sealing the openings does not only make your house comfy, but it also helps you save money and waste less energy. Apart from doors and windows, caulking around vents such as your bathroom exhaust fans and dyer, and pipes that run outside your home helps in making your house warm.

When windows and doors are sealed, heat is retained inside during autumn. Improper caulking makes it hard for the heating system to control temperature efficiently. Moreover, when the heating system is continuously working vigorously to adjust the temperature within your house, the energy costs increase. This will also put more pressure on the heating system which could lead to undesired replacements or repairs.

Besides, keeping your windows and doors caulked helps in keeping out contaminants, elements, and bacteria. Once mould and moisture enter your house and start building up inside your doors, windows, and surrounding walls and floors, it can grow swiftly and become costly to treat. A buildup of mould and moisture that stays untreated even for a short period can make your door or window to start losing shape and warping. Caulking slows down deterioration, which keeps your house in perfect condition during autumn.

When deciding on how much caulking you should buy in autumn, consider that you will probably require a half cartridges per door and window. Caulking compounds are mostly found in ropes for special applications, squeeze tubes, and aerosol cans. Furthermore, caulking compounds vary in prices, properties, and strength. You can contact some of the reputable caulking contractors for Kent.

Shut Down AC Conditioner

Removable air conditioners should be removed and stored according to the product’s instructions before autumn to protect the AC unit and keep off the cold air from getting inside. The entire air conditioners should be shut from the breaker in the main electrical panel. To power down your AC unit,s open the condensing unit’s lid and check for a shut-off box and then flip the switch. Shutting down the power makes sure that the air conditioner won’t power on if someone turns the thermostat to ‘cool’ accidentally during the autumn. More importantly, it prevents water from running down the unit and potentially damaging the components.

Moreover, you should inspect the AC units before shutdown since a dirt-free AC unit can help in exposing any cracks or damage, which should be repaired as soon as possible before they get worse. Also, inspect the condensing unit and if you see that something looks suspicious, trust your instincts and call a professional. Besides, it is recommended that you cover your external AC units during autumn. Also, wrap all the pipes that connect the air conditioner to your house with insulating strips and protect the ends with duct tape to prevent water from freezing.

Inspect the roof

Your roof is among the most crucial things you should inspect before autumn begins. Check your roof carefully for any cracks and damaged tiles as well as debris and leaves. Walk around your home’s perimeter to see if there are any missing shingles. Besides, see if you can notice any loose shingles because they can blow and allow water to enter your house. High temperature damages your roof. This is because high temperature makes some roofing materials expand making them leave gaps and crack. These gaps create openings for moisture to enter resulting in mould growth or leaks.

Check the seals and if there are any gaps in the seals around pipes, skylights, chimneys, or any other openings. If they are, replace flashings or repair the gaps to prevent moisture from entering your home. Furthermore, check the inside of your home. Look for any water spots or leaks on the ceiling, and if they are, the shingles might have pulled loose. Ensure the gutters are clean. Get rid of the falling leaves by ensuring your downspouts and gutters are cleaned. If your room is damaged, do not repair it yourself. Instead, contact professional roofing contractors in Kent.

Inspect weather stripping

The effectiveness of weather stripping deteriorate with age and should be replaced regularly. Inspect the stripping around exterior windows and doors including your garage door and replace it if it’s cracked or worn. If stripping looks good, but you suspect that air is moving when your windows and doors are closed, check if the stripping being used is the correct one or if it has been installed properly.

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Moreover, attic gaps should have weather stripping added. You can also add special gaskets to insulate wall switches and power outlets found on exterior walls to block drafts. Check your doors and windows to see if the weather stripping is faulty. Some of the common things to look out for are cracks or tears, dirt and debris, or loose pieces. If you notice any of the issues mentioned above, contact an expert to repair the weather stripping. Proper weather stripping keeps moisture and drafts at bay. This can save you more than 30 per cent of your energy bills. Therefore, it is crucial that you check your weather stripping thrice a year preferably before fall to ensure that it is in good quality.


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