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The Five Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Bathroom renovation mistakes are a very common issue that we see.

When people think about improving their home, the bathroom is usually at the top of their list.

The reason for this is simple:

the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house.

However, it’s also one of the most used.

Like the kitchen, it needs to perform two tasks in your everyday life:

it has to look nice, but it also has to be completely functional.

Finding a bathroom that meets both of these criteria isn’t simple.

Even the most carefully-used bathroom will need updating more frequently than any other room in your house.

If you have decided that the time is right for a full-scale renovation, then there’s a few essential mistakes you need to ensure you avoid…


A bathroom renovation should be thoroughly planned from start to finish.

There are two benefits to this:

  1. you are able to minimise the disruption to your home while the work is being undertaken, and…
  2. you’re able to ensure that your finished bathroom is going to be exactly what you want.

If you don’t have a concrete plan at the start of the project, there could be issues.

For instance, you may find yourself reaching the completion stage and suddenly remembering that you wanted a rainfall shower.

If you’re not confident about planning a renovation for yourself, All Division Building are more than happy to assist you in the task.

We can take your bathroom design ideas and turn them into reality, so you know exactly what to expect when the work is complete.


Your bathroom needs good storage.

Think of all the lotions and potions it has to contain and store.

As well as cleaning products, towels, face cloths and all the other essentials involved in getting you ready to face the day.

A well designed bathroom is a bathroom that naturally incorporates storage into the design.

Rather than spaces having to be cluttered up by baskets and other on-shelf storage items.

When it comes to deciding what your bathroom renovation is going to achieve, prioritising storage is an absolute essential.


Bathroom renovations are, by their very nature, rather expensive.

This leads many homeowners to renovate in “fits and starts”; doing a little bit at a time, as their budget dictates.

This should generally be considered a bad idea.

Your bathroom is the most integrated room in your house.

You need to be able to combine the functional requirements of washing and bathing along with a design scheme.

As a result, it’s better to do the whole job in one.

Starting from scratch and then adding in the essentials so that they complement with one another.

It is possible to renovate your bathroom slowly.

However, it’s also worth remembering that the longer your bathroom is half completed the longer you may be denied its core functions.

If you want to keep the renovation process as smooth and simple as possible, then one big all-at-once push is the best way.

This minimises causing too much disruption to your life.


One of the main aspects of your bathroom renovation that you’re going to want to consider at length is the bathroom.

Standard bathroom lighting is usually ceiling lights, which we can all agree is not the most flattering form of lighting.

With your renovation, don’t ignore the possibility of additional lighting options for example; wall sconces.

These can help to provide a more flattering, realistic, and pleasant environment.

Lighting can still be bright and functional without becoming harsh and unpleasant.

Take the time to ensure you explore your options to find something that is softer and more welcoming.

Your entire finished look will be vastly improved for it.


Bathrooms tend to be small rooms, which means that your choice of colour should be minimal and simple.

Keep the base, permanent installations – such as tiling and the floor – simple and plain.

Now you can inject colour and patterns with accessories.

This strategy helps create a finished look that is interesting without being too extreme.

It also gives you more scope in the future for mini-redecoration’s without the need for a full renovation.


Bathroom renovations can cause a lot of mess, hassle, and stress.

However, by ensuring you avoid the classic mistakes above, you can be sure that your renovation will progress as you expect.

This way you’ll ensure that you deliver the outstanding bathroom renovation you have been hoping for.

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