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Bathroom Fitters Tonbridge

Bathroom Fitters Tonbridge

Are you thinking of changing your bathroom design? Or do you want to add some permanent fixtures but need to decide whether to change your bathroom fitting? In addition, bathrooms are prone to damage from daily use, which can make you look for a bathroom fitter service provider.

If you notice that 'small' problems in your bathroom, like a cracked tile or a leaky tap, are occurring more frequently, you might want to consider your choices. New showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and storage cabinets are just a few bathroom fixtures that bathroom fitters may install. A lot of bathroom fitter teams collaborate in a specialised team.

The benefits of a new bathroom include upgrading or installing new bathroom fixtures and fixing your water damage, as bathroom water damage is not unusual. Toilets, dripping sinks, and excessive steam are all potential sources of water damage. In addition, the value of your home rises when you update the bathroom, and the overall investment yield is significant.

At All Division Building, we offer all types of construction services to residents and businesses in Tonbridge. We are a fully qualified, professional, family-owned company with a reputation for excellence.

Every customer is treated with quality service, and we strive to uphold a very high professional standard. Client satisfaction is our topmost priority since it is crucial to the success of our business that we have satisfied customers.

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Bespoke Bathroom Designs in Tonbridge

Our incredibly attentive staff pay close attention to the smallest details of your work to ensure we meet your specific requirements. So transform your bathroom with a beautiful design, and consult with bathroom specialists to save the stress and effort of researching how to fix your bathroom.

We handle designing, organising, supplying, and installing your brand-new bathroom. From strategy to execution, we can assist you as a top Kent Tonbridge bathroom designer.

Bathroom Installation Services

You won’t have to waste time seeking additional workers because All Division Building provides a wide range of quality service across numerous disciplines that are all included within our bathroom installation service.

The list of trades includes;

  • Carpentry
  • Joinery
  • Plumbing
  • Plastering
  • Dry Lining
  • Tiling
  • Flooring Installation, e.g. LVT, Wood, etc.
  • Painting & Decorating

In addition to that, our list of services;

  • Bathroom sink installation
  • Bath fitting
  • Shower fitting
  • Toilet fitting
  • General Plumbing
  • Pump fitting
  • Floor and wall tiling
  • Wet room installation
  • Extractor fan installation
bathroom fitters Tonbridge
Our bathroom fitting process

We at All Division Building know that installing a new bathroom design can seem difficult. To find the supplies and equipment you need for your dream bathroom, All Division Building can do an excellent job conducting all the necessary research and sourcing on your behalf.

You should call us or contact us to schedule an appointment after deciding on a new bathroom design so that we can learn more about your preferences for design and style.

After taking the measurements, All Division Building will provide you with a free installation quote. Then, if you approve, we will continue working on the project until it is properly executed.

We will measure your space and give you a free installation quote. Then, if you are happy and wish to proceed, we will finalise the concept and set a start and finish date for our project.

Next, we collect the project's details and consult with you about the bathroom design and recommended materials. Finally, when the project plan is complete and meets your needs and preferences, we get started with as little interruption to your home and regular activities as possible.

We perform our last quality and safety checks to ensure everything is in excellent condition before the project is formally concluded. Then, finally, the bathroom of your dreams is installed on time or before the schedule.

How much does a new bathroom cost?

All Division Buildings make bathroom fittings easy and affordable, but the cost of a bathroom depends on many factors such as; budget, size of the bathroom, fixtures, material costs, human resources etc.

The rough estimate for bathroom installations are;

  • Small bathroom - £1000+
  • Medium bathroom - £1750+
  • Large bathroom - £2500+

Regardless of the size of the bathroom, All Division Building will offer a good price and exceptional quality of your bathroom design with precise cost estimates. Therefore, offering high quality work at affordable prices does not require you to spend huge savings.

All Division Building - Your local bathroom fitters in Tonbridge

All Division Building Ltd. is a family-run business based in Tonbridge that specialises in renovation projects, from full shop renovations to total home renovations. We have a highly skilled, fully qualified, and friendly team, keen to provide you with free, no-obligation quotes and top-notch, all-inclusive building services.

We take great pride in our outstanding reputation and many years of experience in all of our trades, with many happy customers. All Division Building Ltd consists of a hard working, small team keen to provide its clients with the highest standard bathroom fitting ideas and solutions.

We are experts in providing professional work, even on short notice, for house, office, and retail renovations, home additions, and brand-new kitchen and bathroom installations, including wet rooms and plumbing services. We also provide a build and design service with a broad selection of products to help our customers cut down on material expenses.

Contact us now to arrange a visit or get a free no obligation quote.

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