Wet room Design has become one of the most popular options for homeowners who want a practical and great looking bathroom in recent years.

You may have a good idea of what a wet room is already, but for those who don’t: a wet room is a sealed and waterproof bathroom.

The materials used stops water from leaking out, and the water used makes its way down a sloping floor before it goes into a drain.

Expert Wet Room Design in Kent

This helps to keep your wet room safe and dry, as well as allow you to have a seamless experience.

You’re probably already aware that wet room design and installations are not for homeowners to do themselves, and they are certainly not for amateur plumbers or bathroom specialists.

This type of installation must be taken extremely seriously, with effective plans and practices put into place to ensure that the wet room works as it should the first time around.

Our transparent, friendly, and professional team at All Division Building LTD will go above and beyond to create your dream Wet Room Design.

Building A Wet Room

Wet Room Design

There are many benefits to choosing a wet room installation when your bathroom needs a makeover.

Not only is this style of bathroom far more accessible, especially for those who have limited mobility, it will improve the quality and value of your property.

A wet room design is a very attractive feature when looking to sell your property, so this could be an investment that truly pays off.

Wet Room Designs in Kent

wetroom installation in kent

That being said, the investment will only pay off if you’re prepared to have the wet room professionally installed.

Choosing to have the room installed by our trusted plumbers will be the best decision you make for your home.

This way, you will avoid emergency call outs and experiencing issues with your wet room after installation.

Our team ensure total peace of mind so you can enjoy your new bathroom to the full.

Wet Room Design and Installation in Kent

More advantages of a wet room? They are super simple to keep clean, due to the materials used.

If you want to save time and hassle cleaning your bathroom, it’s a great decision to make.

Mould and mildew will easily be kept at bay. Not only this, you have multiple design options to consider.

Selecting the right design could mean adding something special to your home.

You can use materials like stone, wood, and concrete to create the ideal wet room for you.

Bathroom Wet Room Designs

Our team can help you if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We will be able to advise you on the best route to take, as well as the different style options available for your wet room design.

All Division Building LTD is a friendly, professional, and knowledgeable team that can help you with whatever you need.

We will plan your wet room from start to finish and make sure you’re ecstatic with the results.