No matter your tastes, the layout and size of the kitchen, or your budget, our team of designers & builders are perfectly suited to help create the perfect kitchen layout designs that meet all of your needs.

There’s such a wide variety of kitchen options that it can be hard to choose.

We will take the approach of learning your needs and the space available in order to make the best use of it for you.


Having a sense of space and room to work is crucial in the kitchen.

No matter how small the space might be, finding the right kitchen layout designs and the right way to use that space can offer the homeowner a much more comfortable experience.

It can help avoid the claustrophobic feeling of being too closed in.

We take an analytical approach to see how to work with your space in order to offer as much room as possible, so the kitchen never feels too cramped or easily cluttered.

This might include using open shelves instead of cabinet doors or using sliding or folding worktops to give a more dynamic approach.

Controlling Your Kitchens Work Triangle

The most important aspect of kitchen layout designs is in finding the “work triangle”, the distance between the sink, the cooker and refrigerator.

While we want to provide enough space for to work comfortably in the kitchen, finding that triangle and keeping everything in access and convenient will mean using the kitchen is a lot less work on you.

For instance, is your kitchen is more open plan, then using a U-shape design can help keep the workstations closer so you don’t have to make a trek from one utility space to another.

Leaner fitted kitchens can make better use of a galley design, with two parallel counter tops and walkway between them offering enough space for you to stand and move comfortably while keeping everything within arm’s length.

Kitchen Layout Designs Kent
Kitchen Layout Designs Kent

Layout Design and Kitchen Fitting

The style and aesthetic of the kitchen layout comes second to practicality, so we make sure that we take into account all your needs and which choices are going to have most use to you.

For instance, for a larger kitchen used by multiple people, different island and seating placements can make it more accommodating.

Depending on how many appliances you want and how large they are, we can vary designs to make sure you get the perfect fit without making it all too crowded.

If you want the practicality of an island but don’t have quite enough space, we find the wall to extend a peninsula from, instead.

Our designers work with our builders closely so we can get the best knowledge of your needs & find solutions that are applicable.

Kitchen Layout Design Ideas

Beyond helping with kitchen layout design, All Division Building can help with the fitting process, ensuring your worktops, kitchen cabinets, and much more are fit by experienced, careful hands.

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.