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High Pressure Water Jetting Kent

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All Division Building provide a friendly, reliable and specialist high pressure water jetting service in Welling Kent and the surrounding areas in South East. High pressure water jetting has been the answer to many problems, whether it is cutting metal blocks or cleaning graffiti off a wall, but it also extremely useful in the plumbing industry.

With everything that goes through them it is not surprising that drains get blocked easily. From food that ends up going down the kitchen sink, hair being washed down the plug hole, to kids flushing objects that are not meant to be put down the toilet – it is unsurprising that eventually drains get blocked and we get a phone call asking for our emergency drain unblocking services and emergency plumbers.

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Drain Cleaning Services

For our high pressure water jetting service we have a variety of different size nozzles so that we have the right ones to fit in the different sized drains, to properly clean out any of the problems inside quickly, efficiently and effectively to help prevent further problems from happening.

Another advantage of using high pressure water jetting, is that should any tree roots be in the drain pipe – this often happens with old metal drains where trees can crack the pipe and start growing inside – the water jets will cut through them, washing them out of the drains.

Drains can also become extremely dirty with fats and grease that get washed down the sink, which is why water jetting is also useful in washing all of that grime away, leaving the drains looking as good as new.

“High pressure water jetting is an environmental friendly way of doing things since we only use water, along with it being cost effective.”

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