Bathroom refurbishments are a great way to revamp the most used room of your home. Whether your bathroom has picked up some serious mileage, or you’re just after a change, we at All Division Building are here to help! Our expertly trained experienced builders and bathroom fitters are here to help you transform your bathroom into a room you can truly relax. If you’re looking for qualified bathroom fitters in Kent, look no further, we can provide you with the service you and your home deserve.

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Bathroom refurbishments tailored to you.

We at All Division Building can offer you a great service, as we’ve been conducting bathroom refurbishments in Kent for years. We have the experience to do an A-class job, specifically tailored to your bathroom. We also offer Bespoke bathroom designs. Our team of builders and bathroom fitters have the perfect blend of creativity and practicality, which gives us a great amount of confidence in saying we can guarantee you’ll be impressed with the finished bathroom renovation.

There are many various components in your bathroom that can be refurbished. All components can be replaced or refurbished in order to give it a fresh look. Bathroom refurbishments can range in size, from a complete bathroom overhaul to just changing the sinks on the taps. It’s important to remember that even the smaller items can make the biggest difference to rooms in your home, so don’t neglect them when conducting home refurbishments.


We do Bathroom fittings and Bathroom refurbishments in Kent and other surrounding areas. We also offer:

  • Bathroom refurbishments in Tonbridge
  • Bathroom refurbishments in Welling
  • Bathroom refurbishments in Bexley
  • Bathroom refurbishments in Bexleyheath
  • Bathroom refurbishments in Essex

Exploring bathroom stores in Kent is a great way to gain inspiration on what style of bathroom refurbishment you may be after, but with All Division Building, we come to you. We’ll be able to show you examples of designs which will help you come up with an idea that you’ll love. We’re also able to help you come up with a bathroom refurbishment idea that’ll impress your family and friends.

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The Cost of a Bathroom Refurbishment Kent

The cost of a bathroom fitting in Kent varies on multiple different factors. It’s difficult to give an accurate price because each bathroom and each job are different from the next one. The style of the bathroom refurbishment is a factor that can determine how much it will cost. Whether you are after a simple bathroom design or a bespoke bathroom design, this is something you should think about. What you also need to consider is the type of materials you’ll be using to refurbish the bathroom. An example of this would be whether you decide to go with a brand new ceramic toilet bowl compared to a plastic one. The ceramic bowl will drive the cost of the bathroom refurbishment up.

If you’re after a bathroom refurbishment in Kent or around Kent, we’re here to provide our services. Get in touch with us and we’ll be able to provide you with a quote specifically tailored to your home today!